Here’s What You Can Do With That Designer Bag In The Closet

Here’s What You Can Do With That Designer Bag In The ClosetBy Kaitlynn Burns Date April 5, 2017
Admit it, somewhere in your closet there’s a handbag sitting on a shelf in a dustbag. Maybe it’s been sitting there so long, the arm strap is embossed into the leather? If so we have a suggestion: donate it to Dress For Success Canada . This partnership with Love That Bag is rounding up gently-loved designer handbags for a good cause.

Dress For Success Canada is a not-for-profit organization that provides women with a network of support to help them thrive in the workplace and the Success Is In the Bag campaign essentially turns handbags into opportunities for women across Canada. All funds raised from the sale of bags will be used to offer support, development tools, and workplace attire because who doesn’t feel great in a new outfit?. That being said, it’s not just about a new outfit, Dress For Success aims to break the cycle of poverty by empowering women to gain meaningful employment.

And the Montreal-based, Love that Bag website makes it easy on you, by arranging to pickup that Chanel or Coach designer bag and assess its fair market value, says Kathryn Babcock, director of partnerships Dress for Success Canada.

“The handbags are being collected until May 8th and then will be sold online through a special national sale in June,” says Babcock. “Love That Bag is a Montreal handbag consignment company owned by a wonderful woman Alice Goldbloom, who is doing it all for free.”

Each designer handbag will be professionally appraised and if it has a market value of more than $1000 then Dress for Success will be able to provide a charitable tax receipt for the full amount. All proceeds raised during this sale will go to providing vulnerable women with tools to help

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